Be water, my friend.

Lively, calm, effervescent, stormy, warming, fluid and essential — communication is like water.

Ondit communicates in a constantly changing environment — professionally, proven and agile.


Sharing is caring! We are happy to share our many years of expertise as a communications and digital agency with you.

As a strategic partner in the designing of your corporate communications or as an independent expert in the conceptualisation of your own campaign — from idea to implementation, distribution and evaluation, we are happy to assist you with advice and action.


Advertise where you will be seen.

One «perfect ad placement» please — should it also be audience-specific and always flexible? How does the long-term awareness campaign on LinkedIn match with the short-term sales ads on Facebook? Successful marketing can only happen with a sales strategy that is engaged and thought through from start to finish.


Every company has its own face — we put it in the best light.

Whether in images or videos, in animations or texts, in corporate design, branding or web design — we understand consistency in design as the key to success. We create appearances and looks that suit the company, its products, its story and the people behind it.